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Senior citizens looking to remain current and participate in the many benefits of technology may be able to get low cost or even free Laptops in the event they can’t afford the cost of the retail item.

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There are no-cost Laptops for senior citizens at corporate sponsorship programs on the local and national level and government agencies as well as non-profit organizations who assist older people as and Laptop recycling companies.

The top sources for computers and laptops for seniors.

Many businesses and companies give away outdated Laptops to non-profit organizations. It is therefore important to speak with any organizations or businesses that can direct you to possible nearby or on-line sources of laptops for free. Certain programs might require evidence of income from family members or an endorsement from an aid program run by the government. You can learn more about specific programs using laptops available at libraries.

Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

Check your phone directories or request assistance in search of the worldwide Microsoft Refurbisher Directory to find certified Laptop repairers in your local area. Microsoft has partnered with the recycling program, which provides Laptops for free or at a low cost to those who are in need of these devices. Microsoft collaborates with recyclers to reduce the use of technology components as well as their negative impact on the environment and also to help in bringing Laptops into homes of greater families and “bridge the digital gap.”

Laptops with Causes

Laptops that are partnered with Causes is a different program that is a national U. S. Laptop donation program that provides new and free Laptops mostly to educational institutions. But, they also provide Laptops to individuals. It is necessary to fill out and submit your application online. Visit your community centre or library to fill out the application, even if you do not have access immediately to an internet connection or a Laptop.

Regional Programs

There are many programs that offer free Laptops for seniors, specifically people with low incomes and at a lower cost. If you’re not in close proximity to any of these organizations Find similar organizations near your location and inquire about qualifications for the program.

Smart Riverside

If you live in Riverside, California and your household’s income is less than $45,000, you should contact for the Smart Riverside Digital Inclusion Program. The program is managed locally by non-profit and government organisations that provide free Laptops to families with lower incomes. In order to be eligible for an unlimited Laptop, you have to complete eight hours of laptop instruction.

Free Geek

If you’re interested participate, you can join Free Geek, located in Portland, Oregon. Free Geek is a nonprofit business that repairs Laptops and donates them to community groups and schools. You can bring a free Laptop at home whenever you volunteer for some time in their group. You can buy an laptop for use as an individual volunteer, or you could build your own laptop to take home.

Local Options

Although there are local laptop stores offering laptops for senior citizens at no cost, these might not be widely advertised. There is a chance that laptops that are free are easily accessible to those who are looking to find an laptop that is cost-free.

Your Community Senior Center

Senior community centres offer various support services to senior citizens. This is a great location where you can look up local organizations that provide free Laptops. The center may also provide the fundamental Laptop education. If you’re affiliated with a social service or vocational education center and are interested in laptops for free for older people.

Local Government Laptops are available for Free or from non-profit sources

Check the internet or your phone book to find organizations that are either government-owned or nonprofit as well as charities within your area that may provide laptops at no cost to elderly people. Call libraries in your area, city’s hall or even community organizations such as Rotary to help you locate local, county, as well as state-run organizations that might be part of Laptop recycling and donation programs.

Goodwill Industries, for example has joined forces in partnership with Dell Laptop to recycle donated Laptops. Contact your local Goodwill store or stop by to learn more about how you can gain accessibility to one of these Laptops that aren’t broken to be used as part replacement, but are instead used to make.

Local Repair Shops for Laptops

Laptop repair shops in your region may have repaired Laptops of all models they’ll donate to you for free or at a reduced cost. Consult your phone book or online to find an repair shop within your area . You can also go to the shop and request assistance.

School Laptop Upgrades

Local schools within your area or in private or public schools, particularly often provide older Laptops in the event that they update. Some schools only offer families who have at least one child who attends the school. It’s a good idea to contact schools in your area to find out how they recycle old Laptops.For the most up-to-date information

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