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Jacketars has a surprise for bike lovers that will make you go crazy with joy. We have just what you need to make your bike ride more exciting and interesting.

The Tokyo Revengers Bomber Jacket comes from the high-end clothing store Jacketars. It is based on a Chinese cartoon series. It is based on the Tokyo Manji Gang, also known as Toman. Manjiro “Mikey” Sano and Ken “Draken” Ryuguji run this biker gang.

As Takemichi Hanagaki finds himself back in the past. He joins the group and stops his ex-girlfriend from dying in the present.

The black and yellow colors of the jacket are what make it stand out. On the back and shoulders of the jacket, the name of the gang was written. Making this bomber jacket look better.

Blending polyester and cotton gives the Tokyo Revengers Jacket an interesting look. The inside viscose lining quilt and skin-friendly fabric make it the perfect bomber jacket for bike rides on cold nights. You can wear a Tokyo Manji gang jacket to semi-formal business meetings because it has a front zipper closure, a ribbed collar, and matching cuffs. This gives it a smart-casual look.

No bike fan will even think about it twice. Use it now while it’s on sale before you miss out on this golden chance.

Tokyo Revengers Outfit

The Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers is written by Ken Wakui and put out by Kodansha. The voices of Yuki Shin, Ryota Osaka, and Azumi Waki are used in the show. Takemichi Hanagaki, Naoto Tachibana, and Hinata Tachibana are the main characters of the show. The first episode of the show came out in April 2021, and the live-action movie came out in Japan in July 2021.

The series is about a middle-aged loser who goes back to his high school years to save the love of his life from a terrible future. To do this, he needs to become the leader of the school gang and be sure that he wasn’t sent back in time.

The manga series won the 44th Kodansha Manga Award in 2020, so you should definitely check it out. Everything about the show is great, from the way it is directed and written to the way it looks and what the characters are wearing.

Here is a detailed Tokyo Revengers Outfit showing the basic Tokyo Manji Gang outfit that you would love to get your hands on. So, let’s dig in.


Yes, it would be a great honor to dress up as a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. You’ve been looking for a jacket just like this one. The outside is made of cotton fabric, and the inside is lined with soft viscose. It has a short collar with a lapel style that comes down to a front buttoned closure to make sure it fits well. The long sleeves have ribbed cuffs, and the two flap pockets on the chest are big enough to hold your valuables.


This wig is a must-have if you want to look like a member of the Manji Gang from Tokyo Revengers. Wear this wig with the jacket I just mentioned, and you’ll have the same look that has inspired you for a long time. This wig is made of high-quality synthetic fiber that can stand up to heat and looks and feels just like real hair. The wig comes with a rose-net wig underneath that lets air in and can be adjusted with the straps on each end. The wig is thick and soft, and it feels like silk. The wig has long black hair that ends in loose curls.


Wear this black shirt with the black cotton jacket you got earlier and you’ll have the same look as the Manji Gang members you’ve been admiring in the show. The high-quality polyester used to make this shirt makes it soft, breathable, and light. The shirt has a collar that stands up and a pull-over closure. The piece of clothing also has long sleeves with bell-shaped cuffs and a flared hem. On the front and sleeves of the black shirt, there is gold Japanese writing.


This long black coat will add another layer to your outfit. The coat is made of polyester fiber, which makes it light, soft, and easy to breathe in. This cape coat has a standing collar that goes all the way down to the front buttons. Also, the long sleeves have open hem cuffs, and it has two flap pockets on the chest and two pockets on the waist. This makes it both practical and fashionable. Above the chest pockets and on the back of the coat is Japanese writing. You’re good to go if you put this on.


This is the black trouser that you need to put on right away to go with your black jacket, coat, and shirt. The pants are made of 100% polyester, which makes them breathable and light. The pants have an elastic waistband with a drawstring that sits comfortably on your natural waist and gives you a loose fit. The pants are casual and sporty because they have a hipster novelty cool style. On the left thigh and right leg of the black pants, there is Japanese writing in gold.


Add this white belt, which is just like the one you need to finish off your outfit, to your look. This belt is made of durable, high-quality leather that makes it look very royal. The leather strap has a nickel-free, single-prong buckle that is well-made and gives the watch a nice, clean look. The belt can be worn with both casual and dressy clothes because of its design. The leather belt is in style right now because it has a classic but stylish design. It’s the perfect thing to go with. This white leather belt with a metal buckle that has a silver tone looks very nice.


We think the above costume guide was pretty helpful for people who were looking for this outfit on the internet. Get the black cotton jacket, shirt, and coat with gold writing on them, and wear them with black pants that go well with them. Also, wear the same hair wig that Manji Gang members carry in the show. Last but not least, add a white leather belt and white boots to your outfit. Good luck!

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