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A chaise-type corner couch can be ideal for a little corner sofa. This design offers all the benefits of a corner couch without a bulky footprint. Some chaise couches include storage areas below, a convenient place to keep blankets, throws, TV remotes, toys, and periodicals.

Chaise couches, which come in both left- and right-handed configurations, are the most comfortable when you want to unwind in front of a TV show. Chaise performs wonderfully in bigger spaces designed with a footstool or accent armchair because of its compact nature.

MATER FAMILIAS Corner Sofa by Calia Italia

An angled corner couch provides versatile seating in family homes where many people want to unwind in front of the TV. The goal is to create a sofa that properly complements your living area. Consider an angled corner couch if you need to fill a more extensive living room or if you want to maximize the seating in a compact space. Corner Sofas

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