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Hiring Platforms have been able to provide support for staff through the hiring and recruiting processes. Our team has been there for us during this crisis, and we have been able to retain them in a way that has been very beneficial. We have been able to keep our staff safe and busy. We have been able to do that by providing him or her with opportunities and by providing support during the processes.

It is clear that staff crisis has had an impact on the team’s performance and there are many ways to maintain staff despite the crisis. One way is to find people who are already working on the project and develop a relationship with them. Another way is to have a variety of staff members, each with their own job responsibilities. This allows staff to understand what is important to them and communicate this to one another. It also allows them to be more supportive and helpful when a crisis arises. Additionally, it can be helpful to have a shared space so that staff can relax and focus on their work.

But there is one more thing that can assist in retaining staff despite the crisis, and that is a hiring platform. 


A large workforce is a great idea as you always have the entire staff supporting their colleagues when the time is tough, especially when there are larger deliverables. Nothing is better than a team that supports each other and guides one another. Being said that, you can take the assistance of a hiring platform and create your own variety of contingent workforce from around the world. This gives you flexibility in time and work without hampering the deadlines or deliverable submissions.


With the help of a hiring platform, you can find existing talents with the required skill set that are looking out for temporary work, part-time offers, or even ones that might work out of passion. Best talents like these could be retired, or taking a break from work and can be connected via FlentisPRO VMS, the hiring management solution. The talent pool management software has much more to offer and must be utilized to its full potential to achieve maximum benefits.


Finding existing talents, reaching out to new talents, or viewing the current top talents is not that easy unless you use a hiring platform. FlentisPRO has a simple tool to find, reach out, view, and onboard the best talents from around the world in minutes. It’s popularly termed as the talent pool or the candidate pool. The candidate pool can store information about any number of laborers with their entire documents and data, making it easier for you to view each candidate.


As mentioned earlier, the talent pool makes it easier for you to go through each profile and this assists in eliminating the hassle to manage your talents. You can search for the talents by typing the keyword in the search box and see the results turn up in a pre-ranked format. Managing their attendance, KPIs, and performance is smoother as the hiring platform takes care of this and sends you a report for analysis.


Did you know that this hiring management solution can also help in defining the roles of your employees, and assign assessment tests or other work in a click? Well, you read that right. Now you do not have to install other applications to communicate with your team members or do not have to remind them to send in their projects before the deadline. You can assign their work, schedule it, and it will turn up on their calendar. Not only this but the platform will also remind them and notify them about their deadlines.


When we talk about communication, it is essential to stay in contact with your employees even if they are in another city, state, or country. And we have just the solution for you. FlentisPRO has an in-built video conference tool that allows you to host meetings, create customizable meeting URL links, get hundreds of workers on the conference, etc. And this link will never expire. You can reuse the link, the customized URL for hours, days, weeks, months, and years, yet it will not expire. This is a smooth tool and will work without any interruption.


As mentioned earlier, you can schedule your entire year on the calendar tool present in the hiring platform. It enables you to view your schedule, make changes to it, create a reminder on it, etc. and this tool will notify you about those reminders. So now, you can create a reminder for the expiring agreements, legal documents, etc. well in time and never miss an interview or meeting. 

This hiring management solution has been the go-to for any multinational organization and is widely spread across the country, being labeled as the best VMS in the USA. Job postings, networking, feedback from employees, feedback from potential workers, experiences from previous laborers, etc. has made it possible for thousands of companies to do much more than just manage their workforce. Many businesses have found the best talents working for their best value, under high pressure, as well as challenging conditions, also assisting in retaining the staff under unknown circumstances. 

If you’re looking for a platform that helps you keep your staff safe and successful, then look no further than the hiring platform that assists in retaining staff despite staff crises. This platform has all the tools and resources you need to keep your staff safe and successful, whether you’re looking to keep your staff the same or change their status in the market or even bring in variety to your firm. This platform becomes your backbone, encouraging you to keep moving and build a stronger workforce.
Take a demo now by clicking on www.flentis.com or drop an email at info@flentis.com to build a workforce that would stick with you even during a staff crisis.

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