Practice Mate EHR Software Overview
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If you’re looking for an EHR Software that can handle all your medical billing and invoicing needs, consider Practice Mate EHR. It is a free medical practice management system that is designed for small and mid-sized practices.

Its primary feature is a patient portal that allows patients to request appointments and input their health information. It also includes other tools for scheduling, record-keeping, and billing.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal feature of Practice Mate EHR Software is an extremely important tool for medical practices. It enables patients to make appointments, acquire health information, and check lab results online. It also allows them to communicate with physicians and pay their bills securely.

It can also be used to send customized online forms that patients can fill out before their scheduled appointments. These features save healthcare professionals time and money by eliminating the need to scan paper documents.

Another major advantage of the Patient Portal feature of Office Ally Practice Mate is that it helps patients get faster insurance eligibility verifications. It has interfaces with most major insurance companies, so it’s easy to check a patient’s coverage before they arrive for an appointment.

Additionally, it can be set up to notify patients when they’re close to meeting their deductible. This helps patients budget for their upcoming visits and avoid late fees.

Other features that make it an excellent choice include secure patient-physician communication, automated prescription refills, and data analytics. These features enable medical practitioners to monitor their patient’s progress and provide high-quality care.

For many small and midsize medical practices, Office Ally Practice Mate is an affordable option. However, it does not offer as many intuitive features as some of its more expensive competitors.

One drawback of Practice Mate is its slow billing process. While it’s not an issue for most medical practices, it can be a problem for larger operations. Some of the other features that Practice Mate has to offer are demographic/support files and insurance entry. It can automatically import these files from other systems, so users don’t have to re-enter them manually.

It is also able to post payments on daily deposits and apply them to the patient’s accounts. This takes several mouse clicks and a few screen changes to do, but it can be done. Finally, it can be customized to suit the needs of different providers and staff members. For security purposes, it is possible to limit read/write access to certain fields.

Office Ally Practice Mate is a very popular choice among physicians looking for a cloud-based EHR solution. It offers an affordable, comprehensive electronic health record that is also HIPAA-compliant. The company also offers a free Practice Management solution, and its Patient Portal feature is available for all users.

Chart Logic

Chart logic is a feature of Practice Mate EHR Software that enables users to complete patient records by voice. This feature is beneficial to physicians as it enables them to complete patient records faster and more efficiently. It also helps them save money by eliminating the need for manual data entry and reduces costs related to paper.

This feature is available for medical professionals such as physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers. It allows them to record patient visits, track medications, and schedule appointments. It also offers a variety of features that can help them improve their overall productivity.

It is a cloud-based system that provides easy access from multiple devices. It also has an intuitive dashboard that displays all of the relevant information on one screen. It is browser-agnostic, which means that it can be used on any operating system or browser.

The software also has a patient portal that enables doctors to manage their patient database and ensure a smooth flow of business operations. It can be customized with ChartLogic’s template builder to suit individual physical needs and preferences.

Among its other functions, it also includes an e-prescription function that can send prescriptions to pharmacies. This feature is beneficial for patients because it eliminates the need for a doctor to write out the prescription.

Another useful function is the Labs module which enables users to process laboratory orders and receive results in a timely manner. It also gives them a central place to store and review test results. It has the reviews same as the Nosh EMR reviews.

It also offers a referral reply feature that automatically sends letters for inbound and outbound referrals. This feature can be useful for medical practitioners that have large numbers of referrals to send out.

Finally, it has a built-in electronic intake form that can be used to collect patient data and verify insurance eligibility. It also enables users to create billing statements and accept credit card payments.

The software can also be used by office managers to pull reports on financial performance and productivity. It can help them manage their payer mix, case volumes, denials, and disputes. The company also has a robust RCM service that can help eliminate manual processes, allowing them to spend more time on patient care and less on billing.

Eligibility Verification

The eligibility verification feature in Practice Mate EHR Software helps practitioners streamline their administrative processes. It offers online eligibility checking services for various government and commercial payers and enables users to find out if their patients are eligible for coverage in real-time.

Moreover, this feature is also helpful in making appointments and controlling financial processes. In addition, it allows medical providers to put appointments on a calendar and send reminders to patients before the appointment.

This is a useful tool for healthcare professionals in mental health clinics. It allows them to verify the eligibility of patients based on their names, tax IDs, and insurance types. It is a free EHR system that helps small to medium-sized healthcare facilities save time and money. It also has a billing module that lets doctors submit claims to over 5,000 insurance companies for free.

Practice Mate also provides a patient scheduler that has color-coded appointment fields, repeating tools, and other features. This module also lets patients view their schedules online and print receipt choices.

The software also includes a reporting section that makes it easy to search for patients based on their identifying details. Its automated features also allow medical staff to accept credit card payments and create bills. Lastly, it supports a range of electronic intake forms to collect client information. These forms can be customized to meet the requirements of different medical specialties.

Office Ally Practice Mate is a cloud-based medical practice management solution designed for small and mid-sized practices with multiple locations. It comes with benefits such as free setup and training, 24/7 customer support, and a free claim filing service to submit claims to more than 5,000 insurers.

It also features a patient portal that enables patients to make appointments, check their medical records and lab results, and pay medical bills. It is certified to meet Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2 and complies with HIPAA regulations.

The eligibility verification service of Practice Mate allows medical professionals to confirm the eligibility of patients and specify their co-pays. It also helps them to avoid dealing with automatic IVR phone systems that may delay patients’ visits or result in them missing their scheduled appointments.


Practice Mate is a free EHR program offered by Office Ally to help small and medium-sized medical practices streamline the process of filing insurance claims. It is a web-based software system that is designed to help doctors and nurses save time, reduce administrative overhead, and improve patient satisfaction.

The reporting feature of Practice Mate allows users to create reports on the fly. This allows providers to see their patient population breakdown and which areas need the most attention. It also allows them to track their insurance and patient collections and ensure that the correct information is being entered into the system.

In addition, Practice Mate also allows users to set up default procedure and diagnosis codes for ease of entering charges. This can save the billing department time and prevent double entries.

Reporting is a key part of any medical practice management system. It helps to keep the practice administration informed about how well the program is running and what needs improvement. It can also be used to monitor patient progress and share notes with other staff members. It can be customized to include read/write access for individual providers or staff.

For example, if a staff member isn’t comfortable sharing certain information with other people, they can be given read-only access. They can also be restricted from creating and editing notes that contain sensitive information.

If a staff member needs to see a patient’s progress note, they can be sent a copy by email or through a text message. They can also be directed to a specific note template for quick reference.

In addition, they can be accessed on any device. This makes it easier for patients to receive updates about their appointments, medication, and other information. Another helpful feature of Practice Mate is the ability to send patients reminders through the mail or SMS text. This can help to boost patient retention and boost revenue by increasing repeat visits.

Practice Mate also has a free patient portal that enables patients to request appointments online. This tool is accessible through a Sync Code, which patients can use to connect with their provider’s practice. It is also an excellent way to connect with patients who don’t have internet access or are traveling.

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