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Small designs or symbols are adopted by an organization to identify its products, vehicles, uniform, etc.

Typically, Logos such as the Nike “swoosh” and Apple Inc.’s apples with a bite missing are uniquely designed for easy recognition. Logos are also used to Identify organizations and non-commercial entities.

The best logo design company is appropriate, practical, graphic, and simple in design and it should convey the owner’s intended message. Preferably, a Logo should be recognized immediately.

It is also necessary that the Logo should be understood correctly. The sponsor’s logo was displayed at every entrance to the mall or stadium.

●  Team logo/product: Sweatshirt with the team logo on the front.

●  Br and/company logo: They wear the company uniform and drive trucks.

●  Distinctive/unusual logo: Research shows that unusual logos work well. 

 Principles of Logo Design

1.     Simple

2.     Memorable

3.     Timeless

4.     Appropriate

5.     Versatile

The Pattern of  Logo Design:

The pattern of  Logo design may be a symbol or a symbol combined with text or text written in a particular fashion.

Types of Logo Design

There are Seven different types of Logo designs mentioned below;

1.     Word Mark

2.     Pictorial Mark

3.     Letter Mark

4.     Mascot Mark

5.     Combination Mark

6.     Abstract Mark

7.     Emblem Logo


Positive and Negative Logo

Frames establish borders of the visual, positive space is a section with an object, and negative space is everything that surrounds it. It’s straightforward to imagine a positive logo as the image’s plain background. The majority of designers end up creating the top photo without considering its surroundings. 

Negative Logo

Negative space is the background space between and around the subject of an image For Example, in a picture of a palm tree against the sky the shape of the tree is the positive space. The sky and the space between the leaves and the branches are the negative space.

Negative spaces can be used creatively to form captivating visuals that have hidden or dual meanings. This is usually possible with two-color images where the subject forms a silhouette against the background artists like TANG YANG HANG and NOMA BAR.

Here are some visuals of the negative space Logo; Designing a negative space logo is not an easy task, but there are a few tried ways designers like to apply negative space logos in their logo design.

There are three different methods to implement negative space logos.

1)  In a Wordmark

The graphic designer incorporates subtle, relevant symbols into their logo’s typography. It makes use of negative space between different letter combinations and in between the letters.

2)   The Symbol Within a Symbol

A negative space logo can also combine two different forms to create a dual meaning behind a single symbol. It does not have to make use of any letter. In this way, you will impress the viewers by combining two separate ideas.

3) Inside a Letter Form

Another way to design a clever logo is by combining a single letter form with a symbol. In this case, designers typically keep a letter’s positive space and include a symbol within the space inside or around it. When it comes to logo design, it only makes sense to use a symbol applicable to your brand’s product.

Keep in mind that an eye-catching Logo design won’t necessarily come naturally. The best logo design company is  Fiverr Logo Designers. It will take some training and practice of your eyes “to read between the lines” if you will.

Positive Logo 

The focus is on a piece of art or design that is the direct subject. It inclines to be more dynamic, active and motivating.

For Example

Think of a still-life painting of a bowl of vegetables or the trees in the landscape. The ratio of positive and negative space can greatly influence how attractive the audience finds a design to be.  

A great logo shows the world what you stand for, helps potential customers understand if your product is right for them, and makes people remember your brand.

Benefits of a Professional Logo Design

In business, time is money. You should put effort into getting your professional Logo right from the start. Below are six top reasons to invest in a professional logo design :

  •  They are designed with a concept and strategy of a professional.
  • Your logo will help you to project a professional image.
  • A good logo makes it easier to build your brand and gives your business identity.
  • You will see a return on your investment.
  • You will also get variations for all Media and the correct format.

The Professional Logo design can help you to achieve all of the above. You can hire a designer to create a unique Logo for you. It will make the difference between instant success and dwindling interest.

Final Verdict

So, from the above discussion, it is concluded that; Logo designs should be different and unique in carrying their business message to a target audience. If your budget is low you can take some stock images, popular colors, symbols, etc these will help in designing a low-cost logo. 

But when your business grows and develops with time it is better to use typefaces, unique colors, images, etc. The logo must have the strength to evoke emotions and feelings in the target audience. Lend your brand logo design and branding to a highly regarded firm.

Often a negative space logo might not even be the best choice for the company and you have to decide it. 

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