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Unclaimed dividends are a common occurrence in the world of investing. When a company declares a dividend, it is required to distribute it to its shareholders within 30 days of the declaration. However, there are times when shareholders fail to claim their dividends. This can happen due to various reasons, such as the shareholder not updating their address with the company or not being aware of the dividend declaration. The good news is that these unclaimed dividends do not go to waste. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has set up the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) to ensure that these unclaimed dividends are put to good use.

What is IEPF?

The IEPF was established in 2016 by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, under the Companies Act, 2013. The main objective of the IEPF is to promote investor awareness and protection and ensure that unclaimed dividends and other unclaimed amounts are put to good use. The funds collected by the IEPF are used for the benefit of investors, such as education and awareness programs, and also for the development of the capital markets.

How to Claim Your Unclaimed Dividend with IEPF?

If you have unclaimed dividends or other unclaimed amounts, you can claim them through the IEPF. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Check if you are eligible

To claim your unclaimed dividend with the IEPF, you need to check if you are eligible. You are eligible if you are a shareholder who has not claimed their dividend for seven years or more from the date it was due to be paid. You can check if you have unclaimed dividends by visiting the IEPF website (https://iepf.gov.in/IEPF/refund.html) and entering your folio number or PAN.

Step 2: Fill out the IEPF Form

If you are eligible to claim your unclaimed dividend, you need to fill out the IEPF Form. You can download the form from the IEPF website (https://iepf.gov.in/IEPF/refund.html) or collect it from the nearest IEPF authority. The form requires you to provide details such as your name, address, PAN, bank account details, and the amount you are claiming.

Step 3: Attach necessary documents

Along with the IEPF Form, you need to attach the necessary documents, such as a copy of your PAN card, a cancelled cheque of your bank account, and proof of your entitlement to the unclaimed dividend.

Step 4: Submit the form and documents

Once you have filled out the form and attached the necessary documents, you need to submit them to the nearest IEPF authority. You can find the nearest IEPF authority on the IEPF website (https://iepf.gov.in/IEPF/refund.html).

Step 5: Wait for verification and approval

After you have submitted the form and documents, the IEPF authority will verify the details and approve your claim. This process may take some time, and you may need to follow up with the authority to check on the status of your claim.

Step 6: Receive your refund

Once your claim has been approved, the IEPF authority will transfer the amount to your bank account. You will receive a confirmation from the IEPF authority when the transfer has been made.


Claiming your unclaimed dividend with the IEPF is a simple process, but it requires you to be eligible and to follow the necessary steps. By claiming your unclaimed dividend, you not only get the money that is rightfully yours but also contribute to the development of the capital markets and investor protection.

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