How Does Music Affect Your Mind and Body
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Music is powerful. It influences the mind, body, and soul. Whether you are at work trying to get your tasks done or at home trying to fall asleep, music can help you in many ways. No matter what your goal is, to relieve stress or to stay motivated, music can help you get there.

Music can affect moods and behaviors even without the use of words. That’s why it’s all around us. Whether you are visiting a store, getting a massage, dining out at a restaurant, or waiting for an operator when you call the Cox customer service number. It won’t be wrong to say music is a form of art that transcends time, space, and culture.

Effect of Music

Have you ever stayed back home to enjoy your evening listening to your favorite music? How did that make you feel? Happy, sentimental, or relaxed? Music has been used throughout history as an environmental transformer by humans to alter the way the bodies feel and move. It is an irrefutable fact that music affects emotions, consciousness, and productivity. A lively tune can lift your mood, whereas soothing background music can help you relax.

Let us see how:

Effect of Music on Consciousness

You might not take music seriously but it greatly impacts the complicated processes taking place in the brain and body by influencing movements, thoughts, and feelings. The body responds to music in both, conscious and unconscious ways, Listening to music arouses various parts of the brain that are concerned with relaxation, concentration, and positivity. It can trigger feelings and memories.

Music can also improve the healing process of patients suffering from stroke, seizures, and other brain injuries. It can speed up the recovery drastically making the patients stand on their feet much faster. However, special care is required to select the correct type of music for specific situations. Where soothing tracks can make epilepsy patients feel much better, loud, heavy metal music can trigger them.

Effect of Music on Emotions

Have you ever felt lost in an emotional state that was unable to escape from? You may have wished to get rid of those emotions in some way or the other. Indulging yourself in music is the best way to get out of such circumstances. With winter just around the corner, music can help lift the mood and help get rid of your winter blues.

The effect of music is reliant on intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The intrinsic factors such as memories from the past can help you to connect personally with the music whereas the extrinsic factors of the music include the melody, harmony, and rhythm.

Some soundtracks have the power to evoke strong memories. Emotions come and go but music has the strength to lift your spirit. For some of you, listening to your favorite tracks may be the best solution, however, for others, visiting a club or a concert may be the best way to boost the mood. Well, music is not a magical formula to remove all your emotional anguish in one go but it can assist in helping you to feel much better over time.

When music makes you feel energized, you instantly feel like throwing a move or two. This movement enables the release of endorphins and serotonin in the brain, leading to a naturally positive outlook as the mind and body are linked. Music also enhances the production of dopamine which results in relieving feelings of depression and anxiety.

If you choose the correct genre of music to suit your feeling, you can escape the negative feelings that might have been accumulating over time. Shedding some tears while listening to songs can help you let go of all the sadness in your heart. 

Effect of Music on Productivity

Remember how that upbeat track blaring from the huge speakers at the gym made you feel all worked up and energized leading to an amazing workout? How about that soothing background music you put on to improve your focus on your recent project? Repetitive tasks can become boring and to stay stimulated, you can take the help of good background music that can improve your motivation to accomplish these boring tasks. 

Be wise to choose the music you are already familiar with so your mind doesn’t wander off when it hears the new lyrics. For optimal productivity, listen to lyrical songs only when you are accustomed to the work and it is not too complex so the lyrics don’t distract you. When the task on hand needs more focus, choose songs without any lyrics such as classical or jazz music. 

It may sound weird, but music helps to improve concentration and perform better. Even in the most intense scenarios, music can help lower stress and increase motivation to enhance productivity levels. When tasks require extensive concentration, ambient sounds can improve creativity and productivity.

Listen Everywhere

Apart from the amazing music that it features, YouTube Music also allows you to discover new music depending on your taste and like. The recommendations present on the Home Screen categorized into ‘My Mix’, ‘New Release Mix’, and ‘Discovery Mix’ feature music based on your location, preferences on Play Music, and your taste.

Official Playlists

By subscribing to YouTube Music, you also get access to the official music that the streaming service features.

Playlist Creation

After paying close attention to features that Google was offering but YouTube wasn’t, the latter introduced some as well. Among them is the playlist creation feature too. Although, it was already present the length was an issue. However, after upgrading, subscribers will now be able to create playlists as long as 5,000 songs (from 1,000 songs).


After transferring your music from Google to YouTube, you can listen to all the uploads. Transferring does not imply that you cannot download any new music. Add over 100,000 new tracks on your YouTube Music library.

Listening Offline

Subscribers also get the facility to download any music to relish listening to it or watching it when not connected to the Internet.


Never sing a lyric wrong ever again with the ‘Lyrics’ feature that displays all lyrics on the screen for you.

Explore Tab

The explore tab is the most recent introduction that allows subscribers to discover the most recent music.

You can choose between the paid and free versions. I go with the latter because I have to pay for my Spectrum Triple Play packages as well. However, if you wish to enjoy the most amount of the features and ad-free streaming, then you should opt for the paid version.


Experts are of the view that music can influence not only the emotional aspect of human life but also the physical one by lowering anxiety levels, reducing stress, and improving sleep. Enhanced memory, attentiveness, and productivity are all outcomes of suitable music.

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