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Are you embarking on the makeover of your interior decoration? If the choice of furniture and accessories is very important, the association of the colors of the floor and the walls is just as important. But where to start? How to combine the colors of the floor and the wall covering to make your interior chic and elegant without risking a look that is too dark? To learn all about the best floor and wall color combinations, follow our guide.

What wall color goes with a light floor?

A light floor reflects light better than a dark floor and is therefore more suitable for small interiors. The advantage is that it blends with most colors. Timeless, it also gives the impression of enlarging the space. Here are some color ideas to adopt in combination with a light floor.

Our ideas for light walls with a light floor

If you are looking to create a Scandinavian style, choose the combination of light walls (creamy white, pearl gray or beige) and a bright floor, such as parquet in a light wood species. 

In order not to get tired of the monochrome style, do not hesitate to play with textures by combining paint and wallpaper, or even by choosing a brick wall. The latter will breathe a rustic and eco-chic atmosphere into a living room or dining room.

As for accessories, darker rugs with graphic patterns and very soft shag rugs will enhance your light-colored floors and walls.

Our ideas for dark walls with a light floor

The combination of a light floor and dark walls offers much more varied possibilities.

  • Provencal style living room

Bet on the dark undertones of earthy hues, such as terracotta and brown.

  • Modern and sophisticated style

Dare to go with even darker tones such as anthracite grey, midnight blue or purple. Work the relief with textured materials such as a concrete wall.

  • Vintage-style

For a look inspired by the 70s, go for a dark green graphic wallpaper in the living room.

What wall color with a travertine floor?

Travertine flooring is a type of beige-colored natural stone tile that goes well with many colors. It pairs ideally with brighter and darker hues, such as blue, pink, green and red. Dare to think outside the box with a black wall to be sublimated by the beige of the travertine. This black and beige duo works just as well in a bedroom as it does in a bathroom.

What wall color goes with a dark floor?

Warmer and more elegant, the dark floor brings a lot of depth to a room. If it is more highlighted by light-colored walls, its association with walls of dark colors remains a very trendy choice.

Our ideas for light walls with a dark floor

To succeed in your modern style decor, bet everything on a dark floor! From dark wood flooring to lino to laminate and vinyl, the options are plentiful. Whatever the type of coating, a dark colored floor will always be enhanced by light walls.

In an industrial or rustic style decoration, a gray or black floor fits perfectly well. On the walls, natural stone and light-colored brick will create a relaxing atmosphere. If you are not lucky enough to have a stone wall, it is possible to opt for a faux stone wallpaper. To contrast the color of a dark floor, also think of green plants that can color the room in a natural way.

Our ideas for dark walls with a dark floor

Some will tell you it’s the most daring choice, but if done well, the combination of a dark floor and dark walls can work wonders.

  • Living room

In a living room, dark shades create an intimate and cocooning atmosphere. Combine black parquet and a duck blue or olive green wall. This will bring depth to a designer or vintage style interior. To avoid making the room too dark, paint only a section of the wall and contrast these colors with lighter furniture. Go for examples at Homary!

  • Bathroom

In a bathroom, have fun recreating a look worthy of the greatest luxury hotels. Combine black tiles on the floor and dark red paint on the wall. Guaranteed effect!

What wall color with a gray floor?

Thanks to its neutrality, gray blends perfectly with most colors and adapts to all styles of decoration. Ideal on a floor covering, gray brings a feeling of serenity to your interior and helps concentration.

  • In a dining room, combine mouse gray flooring with warm colored walls (mustard yellow, cherry red, etc.) to recreate an Art Deco style.
  • For a bedroom, enhance a gray floor with powder pink walls to create a chic and romantic glamorous atmosphere.
  • In a Mediterranean-style kitchen, coral orange walls will complement dark gray tiles.
  • In a minimalist style office, the gray floor goes perfectly with more modern wooden furniture and a wall decoration made of picture frames. If in addition to that you have large windows to let in light, the mixture of the two atmospheres will be conducive to concentration.

What decoration to adopt according to the color of the walls and the floor?

  • Scandinavian style

If you have a penchant for the 100% clear look (floor and wall), ideally adopt it in a Scandinavian-style living room. This style stands out because of the luminosity it exudes. A light wood floor, almost white, associated with white or ecru walls and your interior will breathe freshness. Add a minimalist decoration, rugs, cushions and plaids in pastel colors as well as a few green plants and your decor will be more cocooning.

  • Ethnic or colonial style

If you prefer the combination of light floors and dark walls, the ethnic and colonial styles are for you. These styles are distinguished by their sleek wall coverings whose patterns and wall openings will be highlighted by a light floor in natural colors (wooden parquet, coconut or seagrass, etc.). This combination is ideal for a warm and cozy atmosphere while encouraging travel.

  • Contemporary style and design

Do you fall for a dark floor that will give a noble and elegant look to the room? If it is enhanced by light walls, it will be perfectly suited for a contemporary or designer style kitchen or bathroom. Modern furniture and decorative accessories will complete the set to give an impression of openness and a breath of fresh air.

  • industrial style

Are you hesitating to get into the dark floor and dark wall duo? Adopt this very trendy look in a large space. Choose charcoal gray flooring that will highlight a dark red brick wall. Put carpets in a slightly lighter tone to balance this play of colors and furniture in raw materials. That’s it!