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COLUMBUS – An unpopular policy that forbade hooded sweaters on their campus was reversed by students at Uplift Community High School in this city’s Uptown section.

Their “Hoodies, Harmless or Hated” campaign led to their success. The Mikva Challenge, a nonprofit organization that promotes young people’s involvement in civic and political life,

guided the campaign, one of several civic engagement initiatives that high school students in Chicago have been working on all year. Ahegao Hoodie

The students at Uplift, a four-year public high school, decided to address a problem inside the boundaries of their own school. Teenagers all around the nation enjoy wearing “hoodie” sweaters,

which are especially useful in this windy metropolis during the chilly winter months. The prohibition, according to Uplift students, contributed to damaging preconceptions about hooded sweaters being connected to the crime.

John Balarbar, a sophomore, spoke on the students’ first reaction to the ban. “They told us that we were not permitted to wear hoodies to class when we received a new principal at the beginning of the year.” According to Balarbar, many students originally believed the regulation just applied to the “hood” portion of their sweaters being worn up during class, but later realized it applied to the entire garment.

Around 80% of the students at Uplift are African Americans, which is significant when discussing clothing standards for schools. In the years since Trayvon Martin’s death, the “hoodie” has evolved into a highly politicized article of apparel, according to Balarbar. Hoodies and loose clothing are frequently associated with violence in the media, which feeds the stereotype that young Black guys are violent offenders.

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Students from Uplift battled the “hoodie stereotype” by convincing the school administration to reject the new clothing policy. According to Balarbar, they pushed for pupils who would not be able to purchase whole new winter clothes and pointed out that more than 90% of other public schools permitted hoodies. Following many meetings with school administrators, they came to an agreement allowing hooded sweatshirts to be worn without the hood up.

Pupils are currently only permitted to wear hoodies down in the classroom three times before they are outright forbidden from doing so. Balarbar boasted, “Since the regulation changed in December, nobody has been written up at all. The tiny but tenacious group of Uplift students was successful in contesting and overturning their high school’s blanket ban on hoodies.

At the Annual Action Civics Showcase on May 21 in Chicago’s near-west side Bridgeport neighborhood, more than 300 kids from 60 schools came to share their finest and most original solutions for resolving neighborhood and city-wide issues. The Mikva Challenge and the Department of Social Science and Civic Engagement of the Chicago Public Schools collaborated to host the event, which featured the work that students had been doing all year.

Some young people, who had a strong desire to improve the city, concentrated on making political plans and putting them into action, while others, like the Uplift group, turned inward to find solutions to problems inside their own organizations. High school students from Chicago’s north, west, east, and south sides are now taking concrete action to address issues that have a direct impact on their neighborhoods.

Meghan Goldenstein, senior program director at Mikva Challenge, discussed the value of encouraging young people, such as the Uplift kids, to participate in civic involvement in an interview with People’s World. She told the youngsters, “If you get interested early, it’s likely that you’ll stay engaged throughout your life. “Yet, it’s challenging to be a voice for change when they are not invited.” In order to make informed decisions, Goldenstein highlighted the value of including students at every stage of the process.

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