5 Games You Can Enjoy Irrespective of Your Device OS
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After spending a tiring week of school or work, pulling a gaming all-nighter with your buddies is always good entertainment. However, a lot of games are platform specific. For example, you may not enjoy playing Valorant because your other friends don’t have a console instead of a Windows device.   

Luckily, there are some games called cross-platform games that you can enjoy regardless of your device. You can play them on your smartphones, consoles, and PCs. Before digging into this blog, contact the Cox customer service number or some other dependable ISP for your area to subscribe to fast internet. Otherwise, you will face delayed game responses and other issues.   

The following are some of the best cross-platform games you can play:   

Among Us  

Among Us came out years ago but the attention of a lot of gamers during the Covid lockdowns. Almost everyone was playing it. YouTubers were collaborating and streaming this game. Twitch streamers were also quick to pick it up. Not to mention the “sus” memes were almost everywhere. The thing that made this game viral around that time was its simplistic gameplay.   

It is a social deduction game that came out in 2018. When playing this game, you can either be a crew member or an impostor. The game is set in a spaceship. As an impostor, you have to sabotage the mission or kill the crew members one-by-one without getting caught. And when you are a crew member, you have to catch the impostor and complete chores around the ship.  

This description does not do justice to this multiplayer. So, it is highly advisable to download this game and try it out with your friends.  

Genshin Impact  

Do you like free-world adventure games like Legend of Zelda? If you do, there is an excellent cross-platform multiplayer game for you called Genshin Impact. The visuals, the stages, and the storyline have made this game one of the most successful games out there.   

The game is based on two twin siblings who travel across different worlds. In a world called Teyvat, the siblings are separated. To reunite them, you have to take on an adventurous journey across different nations. There is action and so much involved to keep you hooked on this game.  

You can play it on Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and even Nintendo Switches. Quite a range, isn’t it?  

Rocket League  

If you like FIFA but your homie loves racing games, what will you pick to play? You guys can argue over what to play or install rocket league. It is a fusion of football and fast cars. This blend is surprisingly good and super fun to play.   

You play as cars instead of regular football teams. There is a time limit for every match, and you have to score goals with a giant football using these cars. It is one of the games that most people have likely tried. But once they do, chances are that you will love it. Download the game on the device of your choice and get started with this amazing time killer.   


Minecraft is one of the classics of the new era. And the game is still popular. You can remember the old days if you have already played it. Or you can always try it out. Plus, if you have kids, you can introduce them to this game too. It is an educational game where you have the tools to show your creativity. You can build castles or whatever structures you want in it.   

It is available on Play Store, App Store, Windows devices, and consoles. However, you will have to purchase the game to download it. But once you do it, you can show the masterpieces you build in it to your friends.   

Overwatch 2  

Tired of playing the same first-person shooter games? It is justified because games like PUBG, Call of Duty, and Fortnite have been around for quite a while now. A good change from these can games can be Overwatch. It is a cross-platform game packing a lot of action.   

You can play it from PCs, Xbox, Play Station, and Nintendo Switches. Valorant is quite a solid game too. But the problem with it is that you can only play it on PCs. However, that’s not the case with Overwatch. The only problem with this game is that you cannot play it on phones. So, you may have to ask your friends to join the game from a laptop. 


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So, these are five amazing games to try with your friends.   

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